Welcome to John and Molly's! We've been a landmark since 1820, and offer a wonderful variety of fine food and spirits. We hope that you'll visit us soon to enjoy our daily Lunch and Dinner Specials! Happy Hour from 3PM to 5PM, Monday through Friday for appetizer specials at the bar.


The site of John and Molly's has been a landmark in Burilington County since around 1820.  At that time, a local blacksmith by the name of Samuel Parker built a tavern known as the Turpentine Hotel.  There was a distillery on the premises where local farmers brought their local apples to be made into whiskey.
Located at a major crossroads on the way to Fort Monmouth and other northern destinations, The Turpentine Hotel became a stagecoach stop.  A toll booth was situated just outside along Monmouth road (then known as the Jobstown Turnpike).  Historical records show the following turnpike fares:
For every carriage, sleigh or sled drawn by one beast... one cent
For every additional beast... one cent
For every dozen calves, sheep, or hogs... five mills
For every dozen horses, mules, or cattle... two cents

While the toll booth existed on Monmouth Road until about 1950, The Turpentine Hotel closed its doors in the late 1800's.  From then until 1937 the building was a farmhouse, and information on the property is vague.  But in 1937 Ellis Emley purchased "The Old Turpentine" and decided to resurrect the tavern business.  According to Mr. Emley, Emley's Inn opened with just six barstools and only a few kinds of beers.  He and his wife Emily worked hard to make customers feel welcome, and before long their business thrived.  Emley's Inn became a gathering spot for local farmers, residents and politicians as well as people just passing through.  The Inn remained in operation by The Emley Family for more than 50 years.
In 1995 The Clark Family established Clark's Tavern and were in operation for 15 years.
And now the Kaklamanis Family are very proud to add to this history and they look forward to serving you.